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script writing secrets - writing your million dollar screenplay. How to write scripts. Writing screenplays for film, television, theater.

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blue.gif (78 bytes) If you have a script, or want to write a script, and give it the best chance to get read and sold, you've come to the right site.

In Scriptwriting Secrets, you'll discover how to get your script through the Hollywood maze and into the hands of someone who could cut you a six- or seven-figure check for your script!

You'll learn how to avoid the three script traps that, if you fell into, would land your screenplay in a secretary's trash can instead of on a producer's desk. And you'll learn how to "cheat" your way past those traps, if you need to.

You'll learn how to take the arcane Hollywood scriptwriting format and use it to improve your story, to practically put your movie into your reader's mind -- and this is what can sell a screenplay!

When you follow the guidelines in Scriptwriting Secrets, you'll be bumping up the odds that one day you'll walk into a movie theater, or flip on the TV, or go to a play and see your name in the credits.

As you go through Scriptwriting Secrets, you'll also see how to do many of the techniques with Scriptware, the scriptwriting word processor that helps you get the story that's in your head onto a perfectly formatted page, faster and easier than ever. Scriptware let's you worry about your story, it does the rest!

I hope you find Scriptwriting Secrets enjoyable and easy to follow as well as informative. And I hope that one day you'll send me a signed poster from the production of your million dollar story!

Be well and good luck,
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Script Writing Secrets, Inc.
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