Scripts are Elements

From the formatting and style standpoint, a script is nothing but a collection of elements. Look at the script below and you'll see what I mean. Even better, move your mouse around the sample page and, where your mouse cursor turns into a pointing finger, click there and look in the frame below...


From the element standpoint, the key to successful formatting and powerful writing is knowing what the elements are, how and when to use them and how they should look.

Keep in mind that different types of scripts have different formats. For example, sitcom scripts look different than the picture above which is a film script. Don't worry, we'll cover the different kinds of scripts after we handle the basics of film scripts.

In the next chapters, we'll discuss the different elements and how to use them. The elements most commonly used in a film script are:

Scene Headings
Character Name

We'll also cover elements typically used only in television and play scripts:

Act numbers
Scene Numbers
Cast List

If you haven't been there, take a look at: Show it don't tell it, but don't direct it... unless you have to., otherwise, dive into the elements above!